How to Navigate the Map

When loading the map, users will be taken to a layer that shows census tracts in New York State. Tracts identified as disadvantaged communities are shaded purple. Additionally, users can toggle to the individual indicator layers by selecting "individual indicator" layers to the right. This will produce a drop-down table where users can pick a single indicator and the map will dynamically update to the percentile values of the selected indicator. Note – disadvantaged communities are not scored on individual indicators but a combination of all of them (see the "Technical Documentation" for more detail).

Users can zoom in and out of areas and/or pan using the tools on the left toolbar. Indicators are grouped by their associated factor, and within each factor category the indicators are listed alphabetically. 

Users can also select a census tract that will bring up a table of all indicators' percentile values within a census tract below the map. These indicators are sorted by factor and value. By selecting that census tract again, users can clear their current search.