New Careers and Fresh Starts

Career changers power the future.

New Careers and Fresh Starts

Career changers power the future.

We cannot reach our climate goals without New Yorkers like you to transform these goals into action.

Our actions and investments are creating new economic activity right here in New York. The clean energy industry is growing before our eyes and the number of clean energy jobs in New York State reached an all-time statewide record of 171,000 workers through the end of 2022. This recent growth is part of a larger trend in the State, with clean energy employment growing 21 percent since 2015 and continued growth on the horizon.

Careers in the green economy are not just for trained engineers and contractors. If you are ready for a rewarding career with better pay, benefits, and opportunities to grow, New York State offers training and internship programs (opens in new window), as well as career development resources (opens in new window), that can help give you a fresh start. We even offer specialized training to help experienced workers from fossil fuel industries transition into clean energy jobs.

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Let’s Get to Work

Find your fresh start with a career in New York’s green economy.
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Your Future Is Calling

Apply for internships, climate justice fellowships, building maintenance training opportunities, and more clean energy career opportunities.

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Get Career Assistance Today

Use the New York State Career Center locator to find career assistance near you or explore our virtual career services.

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Anyone and Everyone Can Be TEC-SMART

TEC-SMART is preparing students for a new economy that promotes job growth, environmental sustainability, and technological innovation.

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Your Clean Energy Career Outlook

The State Universities of New York offer clean energy education programs and resources.

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We Are New York. We Power the Future.