Reimagining Business As Usual

If it’s good for the climate, it’s good for business.

Reimagining Business As Usual

If it’s good for the climate, it’s good for business.

New York’s businesses are looking to the future by upgrading their facilities with clean energy technologies, investing in their staff with clean energy training opportunities, and seeking out innovative new products and services (opens in new window) to be more sustainable and responsible. The business case (opens in new window) for clean energy and climate action is clear — our programs and resources can help you lower your overhead costs, create safer work environments, empower your employees (opens in new window) with new knowledge and skills, and meet your critical carbon reduction targets.

Re-Energizing Buildings and Businesses

Using renewable energy, making your building energy efficient, and investing in energy management systems can enhance profitability and create competitive advantage for your business. LEED or ENERGY STAR® rated buildings are a great example. Owners of these types of buildings are finding that many tenants are willing to pay a premium for the value that their green facilities add. By making simple facility improvements, such as installing LED lighting, you can even reduce costly workplace injuries.

No matter your industry, the climate for doing business in New York (opens in new window) has never been better.

Cows grazing in a field.

Growing the Future

Explore how to save money and grow your agricultural business with clean energy.

For Clean Energy Contractors, Business is Booming

Plumbers, electricians, and energy efficiency contractors across the State are growing their businesses by offering clean energy solutions such as heat pumps, solar power, and air sealing and insulation. Listen to Kyle explain why he decided to expand his HVAC business by offering heat pumps to his customers. Then, learn how you can become a NYSERDA-qualified contractor (opens in new window).

Getting Your Business Moving

New York State has programs and incentives to help businesses and other fleet owners, such as local governments, transition their vehicle fleets to electric models and install charging stations at their facilities. This includes programs to help multifamily building owners install charging stations on their properties. Your business can help drive New York forward (opens in new window).

Join us, and put energy to work.

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