Strengthening Our Infrastructure

New York is modernizing and rebuilding for a safer and resilient tomorrow.

Strengthening Our Infrastructure

New York is modernizing and rebuilding for a safer and resilient tomorrow.

Our infrastructure is not getting any younger — and recent natural disasters have shown us how delicately our critical infrastructure systems hang in that balance. These factors and others present risks to the safety and resiliency of our communities.

Here in New York, we don’t shy away from challenges. We are turning this moment into an opportunity to innovate, to create a better future for our children and grandchildren, and to improve our shared quality of life today.

Adapt: The Key to Climate Resilience

How We Are Charging Forward

Every cloud has a silver lining, and our silver lining is seizing this moment to build the electrical grid of the future with cleaner energy generation and more reliable energy transmission. By doing so, we can create a future with fewer blackouts. We can heat, cool, and power our homes without relying on energy from abroad. We can power an economy that doesn’t fluctuate with the volatile prices of oil.

Our State is a national leader in developing offshore wind projects, which will help us power hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. On land, New York’s utilities and local governments are investing in large-scale solar power and geothermal projects, while businesses and residents are learning the value of creating their very own renewable energy where they work and live.

Whether you are a homeowner or small business interested in solar energy, or you are a clean energy developer searching for your next large-scale project, you can get involved and help New York transform our energy sources.

  • Together, we are repurposing previously developed lands to create renewable power sources sustainably.
  • Together, we are finding creative solutions, such as highly efficient electric heat pumps, to reduce our overall energy use and decarbonize our buildings.
  • Together, we are revitalizing our transportation systems, complete with a robust network of EV charging stations across the State.
  • Together, we are developing new ways of responding to our ever-changing energy needs, such as designing new systems to store extra energy for the times when we need it the most.

We Are New York. We Power the Future.