Addressing Energy Affordability Concerns

As energy prices rise, we must power our future focused on clean and renewable resources.

Addressing Energy Affordability Concerns

As energy prices rise, we must power our future focused on clean and renewable resources.

Energy affordability is a big issue for all New Yorkers. Nobody wants to spend more of their hard-earned money on energy. Recent events impacting the global energy markets have led to surging energy prices for New Yorkers. Relying on fossil fuels to power our homes, businesses and transportation needs exposes New Yorkers to continued volatility and price increases.

The good news is there is an alternative. The climate actions we are taking as a State, such as weatherizing our homes, investing in energy efficiency, switching to electric vehicles (EVs), and adding more renewable energy sources to our electrical grid, are helping to stabilize energy costs for our future. By reducing energy use through these actions, we lower consumer bills.

Going Green and Saving Green

There are many financial benefits to reducing your energy use and finding alternatives to fossil fuels — and there are now more resources than ever before to help New Yorkers afford cleaner, greener choices. For example, by taking advantage of a free home energy audit, homeowners can put themselves on a path to greatly reduce the amount of energy they use in their daily life and spending less money. The thousands of New Yorkers who have installed solar panels on their properties or who participate in community solar are watching their electricity bills decrease.

As we move forward with our transition to a clean and reliable energy system, New York State is here to help you keep the lights and heat on (opens in new window).

NY Energy Advisor

Visit NY Energy Advisor to start saving more of your hard-earned money for the things that matter most to you.

Still Struggling with Energy Bills? Check to See if You Qualify for Utility Bill Assistance.

The New York State Public Service Commission adopted an energy affordability program in 2016 to assist low-income New Yorkers by providing electric and gas utility bill discounts. Learn more about the Energy Affordability & Electric and Gas Bill Relief Program (opens in new window). In 2022, the Public Service Commission approved the creation of a one-time Electric and Gas Bill Relief Program for those that suffered severe financial reverses due to COVID-19.

Take Action to Improve Your Energy Affordability Today

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