Climate Action Council Draft Scoping Plan


The Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (Climate Act) was signed into law in 2019 as one of the most ambitious climate laws in the world. The law created the Climate Action Council (the Council), which is tasked with developing a Draft Scoping Plan that serves as an initial framework for how the State will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net-zero emissions, increase renewable energy usage, and ensure climate justice. On December 20, the Council voted to release the Draft Scoping Plan for public comment. January 1, 2022 marked the beginning of a comment period to receive feedback from the public as the Council works to develop and release a final scoping plan by January 1, 2023. The public comment period closed July 1, 2022.

Draft Scoping Plan Overview [PDF]

Read the Draft Scoping Plan [PDF]


Climate Justice Working Group Input in the Draft Scoping Plan