Supporting a Strong Economy

New York’s commitment to new technology and renewable energy is reinvigorating the State’s economy

We are committed to a cleaner, greener, healthier economic future. Natural disasters caused by climate change have already cost our economy billions of dollars and New York is doing something about it - leading the U.S. in wind- and clean-technology patents and investing in workforce training programs to usher in the next generation of innovative thinkers. And our efforts have created thousands of green jobs in communities across the state — from factory workers to engineers, to HVAC installers and contractors.

To ensure a just transition for all New Yorkers, we’re securing labor commitments for our State’s world class labor force, focusing on skill set development for disadvantaged or underrepresented populations, and investing in trainings for industries affected by technology advancements and climate change.

Learn how we’re creating jobs and empowering a bright future for New York.

contractors installing a system

Job growth in the clean energy sector

Over 157,000 New Yorkers work in clean energy, and clean energy job growth is outpacing the rest of our economy.

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76West press conference

Supporting innovation and economic growth

We’ve invested over $5 billion to spur our clean technology economy and support increased manufacturing across our State.

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Training the next generation of our workforce

With a commitment of $100 million through 2025, we will work to change the landscape of New York’s workforce through clean energy workforce development and training.

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City highways

Minimizing the impact of climate change on our economy

Climate change has cost our economy billions of dollars in damages. We’re investing in projects to protect our communities. and our infrastructure.

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